Macky and Julio Interviewed on WBAI
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Macky and Julio were guests on WBAI’s long-running “Al Lewis Lives” program this past Saturday March 22. Click HERE to listen in.

HRH to broadcast March 29th on WNET13
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As many of you know, PBS’ Independent Lens will broadcast Hard Road Home in the NYC area on WNET Channel 13 on March 29th. Stay up late on Friday night March 28th – the program begins on Ch.13 at 12:30 AM!
For more information on this broadcast or your local listings around the country, click [...]

U.S. Senate Passes the Second Chance Act of 2007!
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We are delighted to share the exciting news that the U.S. Senate passed the Second Chance Act of 2007 yesterday evening! On November 13, 2007, the bill passed in the House of Representatives by roll call vote. President Bush is expected to sign the bill. To read more, click here

Macky Alston on WBAI- Sat March 22 – 12:10 pm
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Macky Alston will be speaking to Karen Lewis on WBAI’s Al Lewis Lives! Show.
Sat. March 22 – 12:10pm
99.5 FM in NYC
Tune in.

Pop Matters Review
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by Cynthia Fuchs
Hard Road Home doesn’t overstate any angle on the problem, neither the idealism nor the cynicism. Instead, it tells stories, observing and respecting those who know……Read More

Macky and Julio on NPR’s TELL ME MORE
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Macky and Julio were on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin
have a listen

Austin American Statesman Op-Ed
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Harrell: Putting prisoners first
Saturday, March 17, 2007
A recent proposal by Sen. John Whitmire, a Democrat, and Rep. Jerry Madden, a Republican, to stop our state?s gross overspending and reliance on prisons should lead to finding and funding innovative alternatives to incarceration. Such a proposal is long overdue, considering that [...]

Austin Chronicle
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Daily reviews and interviews
Hard Road Home
D: Macky Alston
If only our broken parole system would take a couple of pointers from this movie, shot over eight months in East Harlem. Alston follows 21-year-old Griffik, out of jail just a week, to the offices of Exodus Transitional Community, where his case [...]

Rooftop Films blog – sxsw review
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Hard Road Home
Macky Alston and Andrea Meller’s powerful documentary Hard Road Home exposes one of the most difficult and tragic issues facing the United States vast and growing prison population: what to do when you get out. You have become used to a static and structured life, where meals, clothes and shelter are provided for [...]

Dallas Morning News podcast & interview
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