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Out at SXSW Blog No. 7
By Michael Barnes | Monday, March 12, 2007, 06:30 PM

Movies: The rolling thunderstorm last night cut short some late-night after-partying. But tonight, the lines should be long and lively. (Looks like it’s too late for me to catch the much-discussed comedy “Knocked Up.”

If you were wondering which SXSW movies our critics liked best, here’s a sampler of four-star reviews.

“The Unforeseen.” “It’s not long into (this movie) that you realize that what you’re watching is less a documentary about development’s effect on Barton Springs and more a work of art, a kind of mesmerizing collage of maps and graphics, of now-and-then split screens, and of vivid underwater camera work.” — Asher Price

“30 Century Man: Scott Walker” “(It) almost gets four stars for existing at all. It’s pretty much required viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in one of the weirdest men in pop history.” — Joe Gross

“Severance.” “‘The Office’ meets the slasher pic in “Severance,” an often hilarious spin on horror in a similar vein to (but less charming than) ‘Shaun of the Dead.’” — John DeFore

“Hard Road Home” “(It’s) is a documentary, not a suspense thriller, but there aren’t many films that make you wonder so intensely what’s about to happen — and fill you with such dread about what it might be.” — Sarah Lindner

Fish Kill Flea “(It’s) is a sad, funny and astute collage about life at a flea market that’s set up shop at a deserted shopping mall in Fishkill, N.Y.” — Sarah Lindner

“Kamp Katrina” “The filmmakers capture some of the sad, slowly evolving dramas that the nightly news can’t squeeze into periodic updates on New Orleans’ struggle to rebuild.” — John DeFore

“King Corn” “At one point you think Ian and Curt are going to burn down their acre — but they’re too sensible to be radicals, and the movie, a complex take on an American staple (or sweetener), is better for it.” — Asher Price

“Confessions of a Superhero” “Gleaming still photos and artful interviews augment the rich scenes Ogens captures on the street and, sometimes, movingly, in these somewhat troubled characters’ minds.” — Chris Garcia

“Last Days of Left Eye” “You won’t find a more honest title at the festival: This documentary follows TLC rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes right up until the moments before her death in a 2002 car crash.” — John DeFore

Personally, I would add: “Manufacturing Dissent” and “What Would Jesus Buy.”

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