Selina Lewis Davidson
Green House Pictures
718 768-1460

Press and Outreach Contact:
Joshua Olesker
Auburn Media

Exodus Transitional Community Inc. provides supportive services to men and women who are in transition from incarceration to full reintegration into their communities by helping individuals build stable lives, promoting social and economic well being, therefore, breaking the cycle of recidivism. 917 492-0090

Auburn Media
Seeks to provide religious expertise to the world of the media and media expertise to the world of religion by promoting responsible, engaging religious voices and programs that promote religious commitment, multifaith understanding and the common good.

Public/Private Ventures Is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the effectiveness of social policies and programs. P/PV designs, tests and studies initiatives that increase supports, skills and opportunities for residents of low-income communities; works with policymakers to see that the lessons and evidence produced are reflected in policy; and provides training, technical assistance and learning opportunities to practitioners based on documented effective practices. For more information visit

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