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Common Problems with Residential Roofs

Your roof isn’t immune to all the factors to wear and tear. In fact, they’re quite susceptible— especially if roofing wasn’t done very well in the first place. And now you have to deal with what comes with it. Deterioration, damage, leaks— you name it, it could happen.

And what we want you to do, is to be ready for the possibilities. But before that even happens— we want to help you recognize it so you can avoid the beginnings of a pickle altogether.

So without further ado, here are the most common problems of residential roofs.


We all know leaks, and we are no stranger to them in the least. We’ve known one, seen one, had to deal with one. They’re certainly the most frequent dilemma homeowners face.

They form with time, but did you know that most of your leaks stem from improper roof installation in the first place? If you’re having them quite early on, your roofer is probably to blame. If the flashing itself is subpar, then you probably wouldn’t have to wonder further why you’re getting all these leaks for no reason.

Ponding Water

Roofs collecting water is a big problem. Moisture is supposed to slide down, where there is no chance of any build-up occuring. Usually, the design itself could have a big role to play in ponding water— but lack of maintenance is also a culprit. And that’s mighty hard to achieve— especially if you’re not well versed in the roof dictionary.

No Maintenance

It is a problem with residential roofs, especially if you leave them to their own devices. Like everything, damages could form in your roof if you neglect them. For example, a storm went and you didn’t check for damages— or didn’t call for roof repair when necessary. Mold, algae, and mildew is also a clear indicator of lack of maintenance on your part.

Weather-Related Detriments

If you live in an area with extreme weather— best expect that your roof is taking the brunt of it. Extreme ultraviolet rays, heavy rain, strong storms, harsh winds, snow, hail… we’re sure you get the idea. And we’re very sure you know the problem it entails when ignored.

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So after every storm or phenomenon in your location, make sure to get it checked. If there’s something worth looking at, call the local roof repair near you.


Surprisingly— trees can cause much more damage to your roof than you think. If you have any overgrown foliage nearing towards the structure of your roof, try to invest in a good amount of tree care before it could cause any damage to your roof installation.

Tree limbs could cause abrasion— branches could fall and dent your roof. Basically, it poses a huge threat. So take care of it.


If the roof installation is faulty, then your roof might end up absorbing the water instead of brushing it off like it usually does. And that’s a big concern, since it could cause colonies of algae and mildew. Worse, it could develop soft spots in the structure— making the framework weaker.

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