When its Time to Remove a Tree

You have a tree, correct? And you don’t know what it is exactly, but you do know that something is very wrong. We assume that your tree has been with you for the better part of your life, so you’d know if it isn’t healthy enough to keep around anymore. Even then, the untrained eye could have a hard time spotting anything that’s amiss. A lot of tree owners can empathize if you weren’t even aware in the slightest. So if it looks like it— don’t doubt that it probably is!

Remember, tree removal is usually a last resort. So when your tree company tells you that your tree urgently needs one, then it’s probably gotten really bad. Bad enough to endanger its surroundings and the people around it— so we trust you to make the right call.

But first, you need to confirm if your suspicions of needing a professional tree company for your tree is indeed correct. We’ll give you a rundown on the visible warning signs you can’t possibly miss. 

If It’s Getting Too Close for Comfort

Overgrown trees can pose as a hazard to any property too close. Houses, posts, power lines— anything that wouldn’t stand a chance against it. They get the brunt of falling (dead or hanging) branches, or maybe even the tree itself when it decides to give out. Usually tree trimming and pruning are done to avoid this— but if there wasn’t any maintenance in the first place, then it might definitely lead to removal. 

If It’s Looking All Kinds of Sickly

Trees can get sick too! More specifically, they get infected. And it isn’t hard for it to get one— especially if tree care isn’t practiced regularly, and it’s pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for. Deep fractures in the trunk, squidgy and brittle wood, and appearance of fungus are obvious indicators of infection. Appearance of pests are also a red flag to watch out for.

If the Branches are One Breath Away from Falling

Large risky branches are commonly removed to prevent any chance of it collapsing on property, or on any living thing. Dead branches are more so, because they have more possibility of falling for no reason at all. Be sure to call your local tree company if the tree is 50% or more decayed, then it needs tree removal. ASAP.

If the Soil Surrounding is Heaving

This one is a major sign of needing tree removal. If the soil around the tree is curved, bloating, or blowing up (just as long as it’s swelling upwards), it’s already a dead giveaway. You can check this at the base of the tree or near its canopy. 

If the Signs Are Pointing to Internal Decay

If the signs aren’t obvious enough— then it’s probably pointing to internal decay. Trees can look fine for years without any evidence of decay. But it will show up eventually. And it can tumble down by itself. Cracks and fissures in the wood, wounds that no amount of tree trimming can fix.

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